Whittier Fishing Charters

whittier fishing charters

Whittier Halibut Fishing

The halibut day trip is far and away our most popular charter. The primary goal of this trip is to secure the current limit of two halibut per passenger.

We depart from Whittier at approximately 7AM, with the boat usually returning to the harbor around 6PM. We will generally run fifty to ninety miles from port, roughly two to three hours of travel time. Bonus catches of lingcod, rockfish, and salmon are very typical when in season.

Rates: $ 385.00 Per Person (Four person minimum); Full Day; Shared or Private Charters

Have you found a cheaper outfitter? Remember, if a deal seems too good to be true, there’s probably a reason behind it. However, we will match the price of any competitor offering equivalent trips on equivalent vessels for less.


alaska halibut fishing

halibut fishing

Prince William Sound Salmon Fishing

With the success of the hatcheries and the return of wild stocks, Prince William Sound is practically boiling with salmon!

King salmon fishing can be good to excellent from the early spring through early July.

July and August bring some exciting Silver (Coho) salmon fishing.

Departure times for this charter option vary based on the tides, and full, three quarter, and half day trips are possible depending on how far the fish are from port. Combination trips are possible.

Rates: Varies with Distance Travelled from Port of Whittier; Call for more information (Four person minimum); Full, Half or 3/4 Day Possible

prince william sound salmon

alaska salmon

salmon fishing charter

OTHER SPECIES: Rockfish, Lingcod and more

Prince William Sound and the Gulf of Alaska provide anglers with world-class opportunities to land amazing Rockfish and Lingcod. While these trips can be done in combination with halibut fishing, a stand alone charter allows ample time to reach more remote waters.

While the sport fish potential of the Pacific cod has not been fully realized, they are coming of age. If you’d like to fill the freezer with some tasty cod fillets, give us a call.

Prince William Sound Deep Drop Fishing

Some people call fishing deeper than 600′ “deep drop fishing”, we just call it fishing and we’ve been doing it for a long, long time. The deep waters of Prince William Sound and the Gulf of Alaska are probably one of the most untapped sport fisheries in the state. If you’re up for something different and an adventure to the abyss, we can take you to monster rockfish, halibut, black cod and possibly a giant squid or sleeper shark.


Yes…there are sharks in Alaska. Although the fishing is not as fast as it was a few years ago, we are still running a limited number of trips.

We strongly recommend keeping only one shark per group, practicing “catch and release” for the rest.

Keep in mind that one fish can easily top 400 pounds, leaving you with an overabundance of meat. Taking turns reeling in a shark is more than enough adventure for the responsible fisherman! Sharks that are kept will be processed and iced immediately to insure their quality for the table.

Rates: Call for information & pricing (Four person minimum); Full Day



On the day of your charter, you will need to bring:

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