Terms & Cancellation Policy

Please read and understand this policy.

Fishing, hunting, and hiking are physically demanding activities which may pose a risk to those with heart or respiratory conditions, pregnant women, and others who may not be capable of strenuous activity. We travel to remote wilderness areas many miles from medical help. Please consider this seriously before you book a trip.

Operating Policy

A 25% deposit is required to reserve a date.
Payment must be received in full prior to departure.

In order to facilitate things on the day of your trip, please make an effort to pay prior to arriving in Whittier and to bring your receipt. I also accept checks, cash, and major credit cards in Whittier. It’s best to PURCHASE YOUR FISHING LICENSE before arriving in Whittier. Fishing licenses can be difficult to find early in the morning in Whittier. Forgetting a fishing license will likely cut your trip short by at least an hour.

On the morning of your trip, you will travel through the Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel at the first opening (6:30AM) and head straight into Whittier. The tunnel operates for 15 minutes in each direction. If you’re late, you’ll have to wait an hour for the next opening. Our shop is located on Harbor Loop, across from the gas station and near the Inn at Whittier (very simple to find- just look for the big wooden halibut). We’ll meet up there. Losing time in Whittier cuts down on our fishing time.

Once you find me, I can help with figuring out the unloading and parking situation. I prefer to be out of the harbor by 7 AM.

Refund Policy

  1. If you cancel a charter at least 30 days prior to the scheduled trip, you will be refunded 100% (less credit card service charge if applicable).
  2. If you cancel within 30 days prior to the scheduled trip or you fail to show up on time for your trip, you will not be refunded unless we can rebook the vessel.
  3. You will be refunded 100% in the event that we are cancelled due to weather or mechanical problems before departure. Alternatively, you will have the option to reschedule your trip.
  4. Although we do our absolute best to maintain equipment and prevent breakdowns, the potential for mechanical failures does exist. In the event of an “act of God” or bad luck (i.e. mechanical, tunnel openings, weather, etc.) we will do our best to be helpful within our abilities but will not be responsible for missed airline flights, lodging, etc. Because of the remoteness of the areas we fish, other vessels are not always available. Coming in on one engine is a slow affair. Although the probability is small, Please plan
  5. If mechanical problems arise before we reach the fishing grounds you will be refunded 100%.
  6. If mechanical problems arise on the fishing grounds before 12 PM, we will rebook you or
    refund you 65%.
  7. If mechanical problems arise on the fishing grounds between 12 PM and 2 PM, we will refund you 40%.
  8. If mechanical problems arise after 2 PM, or on the way in, you will not be refunded.
  9. On overnight or beach drop off trips no extra charge will be added in the event of delayed pickup time due to adverse weather. If you are weathered in on the boat for any extended period you should expect basic foods and services until we return.
  10. We cannot guarantee a group exclusive access to a vessel if uncontrollable events require us to move people. We reserve the right to accommodate everyone, as necessary.
  11. You will be charged a 7% cancellation fee if you’ve paid by credit card and require a refund for any reason. No cancellation fee will be charged on refunds of payment by cash or check.