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Here is the latest for area 3A (us) on the IPHC meeting:

Many thanks to the few from our side who attended.

The 2017 IPHC conference is coming to a close.

Charter management measures for 3A:

1.To finish daily bag limit
2. Maximum size of one fish under 28 inches
3. One fish of any size.
4. Each vessel is limited to one trip in the calendar day.
5. A CHP permit is limited to one trip in the calendar day
6. No halibut Charters on Wednesdays for the entire year.
7. No halibut Charters on Tuesday, July 18, 25, and August 1 of 2017
8. 4 fish annual bag limit.

Even though we lost three more days for the season the stock continues to show signs of recovery and for area 3A we did get about a 500,000 pound bump