Why Choose Us


We guide for the right reasons. We love Alaska and Prince William Sound and are driven fishermen above all else. We’ll work relentlessly to give you a great experience. As stewards of the Sound, we do our best to operate sustainably. We’re always learning, adapting and hunting for the best fishing given existing conditions. We don’t pound the same spots with boatload after boatload of people and our goal here is not merely to get paid and to get back to the dock as soon as possible. This is our lifestyle and we plan to continue on as long as we can.


Matt Kopec began fishing PWS on a daily basis in 1998 and is the longest running captain in Whittier’s day boat fleet. Matt has a Bachelors Degree in Wildlife Biology, is a longtime board member of the Alaska Charter Association and sits on the North Pacific Fisheries Management Commission’s Charter Halibut Committee. He also offers vast experience in boat building and repair as well as countless hours of experience at the helm of both large and small vessels throughout Alaska. No one in town has made more trips across the Sound and into the Gulf than Matt and no one has spent time studying charts, exploring new waters, and logging the details of fish movement like Matt. When the others are stumped, they often give him a call.


We brought hard-core long-range day trip fishing to Whittier over 20 years ago. We can fish offshore destinations and catch trophies and multiple species with the best of them, but we’re also personable, patient, and experienced enough to show a first-time family with young kids how to tangle with their first catch. We’ll do our best to combine similar minded individuals on mixed boats and we’ll listen to you and work to customize trips for your party. We check our ego at the dock and we don’t try to fit square pegs in round holes. Above all, we know that it’s supposed to be fun…


Our equipment is top notch. From our vessels to the line on your reel, you can be sure that no corners were cut and no expenses were spared.